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Telephone sessions are available through NiteFlirt.  Use the menu button that says "Phone Sessions" to connect to my telephone session line. 


I customize each session. I practice SSC BDSM, which stands for safe sane and consensual bondage discipline and sadomasochism.  Safe means I will not put you at risk, retain the technical skills to do the scene properly, and understand disease and accident prevention.  I am trained in CPR and first aid. Sane means both you and I are in a sound mindset and are not altered by drugs or alcohol.  Consensual means that we agree to all activities, a safe word is used, and either of us can stop the action at any time.  I also adhere to the principles of RACK, which stands for risk aware consensual kink.  This means that I am aware that certain activities carry with them inherent risks and that I will evaluate each situation to decide if it is advisable to proceed. 

My role-playing abilities are unsurpassed and I have an extensive fetish wardrobe.  I can accommodate all role-playing needs with my huge costume collection (vampire, nurse, schoolgirl, teacher, secretary, boss, cop, military, mommy, neighbor lady, goddess, etc.).  Unless a specific costume is arranged in advance, I will wear dominatrix-type attire (leather, rubber, vinyl, etc.). 

Listed below are some of the activities that may take place during our scene. The type of scene I create is based on your preferences. Your scene will be customized to your needs and your limits will be respected. 

My personal limits are minors, wrestling, boxing, martial arts, bestiality, nudity, forced-bi, acts of prostitution, strap-on penetration, and sex.  No, I cannot get you a dick to suck.  That’s called pimping and pandering.  I’m too pretty for jail.  I can, however, direct you to local glory holes, where you can swallow sperm to your heart’s content.

I offer mild to moderate to severe scenes. The following list is a small sampling of the activities that are available to incorporate into your scene, according to your needs, desires, and limits.  For a more extensive list of my personal interests, see my interests page by clicking on the word "Interests" in the menu shown above. 

BDSM - Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism
Slave Training
Corporal Punishment - Mild to Severe
Interrogation Scenes
Forced Feminization/Cross-Dressing (unparalleled in Chicago)
Edge Play
Ball Busting
Sensory Deprivation/Overload/Control
Hypnosis/Mind Control
Domestic Discipline
OTK Spankings
ABDL/Age Play
Foot Worship
Enemas/Medical Play

Over the years, I have played nearly every scenario imaginable and explored almost every fetish and fantasy. I believe good communication between my client and I leads to a very fulfilling session. I want you to have as much fun as I do. Therefore, each scene is tailored to your needs.  Will I be soft and sensual or strict and heartless?  Will I be forgiving or merciless?  Will I tease or torture you?

Cock and Ball Bondage Torture

*Limits Respected
*Safety And Discretion Assured
*Scenes Customized
*Novices Welcome
*Experience Players Embraced
*Advanced Participants Cherished 

$700...3 hours (minimum)
$900...4 hours
$1000...5 hours
$1400...8 hours
$1800...12 hours
$2400...24 hours
$3600...48 hours
$4300...72 hours
$4800...96 hours
$5300...120 hours

If you desire a longer session, we can discuss the appropriate suggested donation. 

Donations assist in the upkeep of my facility and help cover the cost of supplies. 

I accept cash, major debit cards, major credit cards, Amazon® e-gift cards, and PayPal®.

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